Christian Persecution and Sheer Hypocrisy




So the persecution of Christians goes on at government level. A Christian Magistrate has been disciplined because he quite rightly thought it better that a child should be brought up by a traditional family rather than by a Gay couple! He was found guilty of serious misconduct and has been ordered to go on an equality course.

It is The Lord Chancellor and the Lord Chief Justice who are guilty of misconduct for allowing politically correct sources to destroy our Christian values, and being prepared to put babies into the hands of Gay couples.

This Magistrate should tell them that he is not prepared to allow his Christian beliefs and ethics to be sullied. Tell them what to do with their equality course; his beliefs should not be tarnished by unwholesomeness. We have become a sick society when  the highest office in the land backed by Cameron puts a child in jeopardy for political correctness.

We have seen already that the establishment has taken steps to protect paedophiles in our parliament, that what they think of children; fodder for unwholesome sex and apparently murder.

Where is Justin Welby of Canterbury and John Semetu of York whilst this takes place, why promoting Marxist ideology by coming up with foolish talk. The last Archbishop of Canterbury wasn’t worth his weight in salt and by God we have another one who is just as foolish; Christians they are not.

 However, Does Justin Welby and Semetu actively support this view, do they really think that handing over a baby to Gay couples is right or is it wrong.

Someone should tell them to start putting what weight they have against those, who are quite clearly ensuring that those who hold Christian values are now being disciplined and excluded from jobs in public offices or other employment for being Christians and expressing their views. We have already had to endure the Gay couples and their supporters who destroyed a couple of guesthouse owners for expressing their view. In my opinion that was a deliberate attempt to use those people as a warning to others; it is now becoming dangerous.

Where is the Queen and her vow to protect our faith, clearly she has given up.

Remember Chancellor Darling and his comment in August 2008, we are entering a 60 year low in the economy, he clearly knew what was about to happen. 

Now we know that the Miliband and Ed Balls knew “that the economy was about to fall off a cliff”  a year before it happened, which is why Ed Balls wanted a snap election in 2007

They were more concerned about protecting the Labour party than the country, they wanted to get out and blame the next party for the fact that the economy was going down in the dumps. 

Why is anyone apart, from immigrant and benefit cheaters in this country voting for this foul party and why are we voting for the Tory party who are more concerned about persecuting Christians and landing us with gay marriage and protecting paedophiles in their own ranks.

We are being inundated with Immigrants swarming over from Calais courtesy of the French and the EU. Trained Jihadists in their hundreds are back in our country and ready for action. Theresa May tells us it is irresponsible to talk about the obvious, a fifth column.

The SNP are blatant in the fact that they are going to come into an English parliament in order to make trouble, and each time the English public are meant to sit back and say that’s OK; but it isn’t.

It is time to wake up and vote for a party that truly represent the indigenous English public. It is time to vote UKIP the people’s party.

Farage has only one thing against him and that is he speaks the truth

We have to save our country and it wont be done by liars, PR men and foulness



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