We are not coming to get you!

It is because of the timorous, or should I say spineless mollification of Islamic agitators that has allowed them to gain a foothold in our democratic societies. This is particularly true in England where we have embraced the Human Rights Law to the point where it has become a law, despite it being a real danger to our way of life.

Politicians have put this complicity and protection of Islam above their need to protect our society. There are many instances of this, the Finsbury Park Mosque for example was  nothing more than a source for  Islamic Jihadists to plan and in many cases implement and execute their foul deeds. Hamza run a recruiting office for the worst form of agitators and Jihadists, yet he was protected by the police and allowed to get on with his hateful sermons for many years.

It was 2006 before Hamza  faced any charges and even then he evaded extradition for eight years; truly pathetic. We gave him a car,  endless benefits and his wife and children were as far as I’m concerned were far away better of than many married English man and woman.

The wife of a Al Qaeda fanatic who is believed to have guided the terrorists in last week’s outrage is living on benefits in a  Leicester council house! why?

The wife of Djamel Beghal, currently awaiting trial in France has moved with her four children to England because she want to live in a more ISLAMIC ENVIROMENT, this from a French woman married to man who has extensive links to terrorist activity, Why?

It is not for nothing that the French Intelligence service coined the word LONDONISTAN when talking about England. We have created, yes, created a terrorist state in England. This destructive and evil force has come into being with government’s support, because they have not used our existing laws against these people, as I said above our politicians are totally spineless.

Cameron should have told the courts and that regime across the water to stuff their Human Rights Act and its malign influence on our society, but he didn’t.  We have managed quite well since the Magna Carter without this disgusting act.

What has happened to our conspiracy law, hate crimes, incitement and sheer common-sense. Prisons are openly used as recruiting centres, Universities too have aided high flying Muslims by allowing them to spout hatred on their campuses. We should shut down Mosques the moment they encourage radicalisation, so too religious schools. Fundamentalists should be immediately arrested and in the worst case deported, British passports or not, and families should go with them. There is no reason on earth why we should support them.

It is beyond belief that we allow these people who are here or those who come here for a better life to deny us our freedom. The Mayor of Rotterdam ( a Muslim) speaks for us all when he said if you don’t like the West then go home, that will be a sentiment shared by all.

We do have a fifth column in this country and a substantial one too, not only that, they do hate all that we stand for. It ill behoves Cameron to complain about Farage and his problem with saying what we all know is right. We have all moved on since the last government’s method of dealing with the truth and freedom of expression, i.e. tag them with racist, Islam phobic or what ever, stick them in court etc.

It is why we must vote for UKIP and get rid of the liars, opportunists and those complicit in protecting Islam. If a Christian in one of our churches attempted to radicalise another Christian to attack , murder or whatever a Muslim his feet would not touch the ground, and that is a fact.

Islam in this country comes up with platitudes but they don’t actually do anything, now why is that! Clichés mean nothing.

If the security forces in this country, (who are doing a first class job in difficult circumstances) were helped by the government and courts to apply the law in these cases, we would not be where we are today.

Our pathetic politicians and foolish Liberals backed up by the courts and the Human Rights Act have brought us to this. They are totally responsible.

VOTE UKIP, truth and a right to be free.


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