Marxist Red ED and Security




I watched Red Ed on Andrew Marr this morning, if ever I saw a man radiate dishonesty, it was he. Marxist Labour and the left are all about class war and division in our society. This man doesn’t care about workers, what he cares about is destabilising our society, something they have been doing for many, many years. Red Ed and those who financially support him are revolutionaries.

Was there ever a time when the old Labour party left power without leaving us in the lurch. Liability and total hypocrisy that is what they are about. Every one know that their foolish deal with the Doctors profession, 22 per cent increase i.e. more money for doing less, allowing them to abstain from treating people out of hours, this has led to the current crisis.

Red Ed made it clear that he intends to use our money to ensure that Scotland can have a thousand new nurses. Already he is prepared to spit on the English to please the SNP; this is only the beginning. Remember that Marxist Labour and the left actually hate the English; so too the SNP. They are prepared to do anything to wipe England of the map.

Red Ed decided to “Weaponise” the NHS in his bid for Marxist power. Has the current crisis been part of his weapon? Nothing would surprise me, have the Unions been surreptitiously exercising their power.

These are the people who brought in up to 4 million immigrants, some good but many bad. This is the party who wont stop shouting about the minimum wage yet Red Ed was a senior member of this party who used the immigrants to keep British wages down. Millions of indigenous workers were out of work whilst the immigrant population in work soared; that was labour.

They said our indigenous Labour force wasn’t good enough, to some extent it wasn’t because instead of giving workers the right to develop their skills they were intent on sending every one to university, despite their level of education. As a result well over a third dropped out because they simply were not good enough. Universities found themselves trying to bring people up to a relevant standard but couldn’t; that was Labour.

Micky Mouse courses such as cake making, call centre work etc. showed Labour for what they are, left wing idiots. What was needed was Maths, Science, Economics, Something Gove was meant to change until Cameron stabbed him in the back and put in a woman sympathetic to the very people who helped to  degrade our students.

Labour MP Hywel Francis, chair for the members of the joint committee on human rights are prepared to block legislation on the return of home grown Muslim Jihadists entering Britain; these people must be stopped. If someone goes out to fight as a Jihadist then he has foregone his right to live here and both he and his family should be forced to leave. I am sick of these Human rights lawyers or otherwise using human rights to protect terrorists. They are terrorists Mr Hywel, the worst form of terrorists.

Should the joint committee be successful then they should say also that if anyone of these Jihadists who return seeks to murder a citizen and is successful then each one of these human right group should be prepared to pay the ultimate price. Put your money where your mouth is Mr Hywel.

Bernard Jenkin MP  has shown us today that once again Cameron is more prepared to give endless money to the EU rather than spend it on our security services. His MPs should tell him that his job is to protect the public and stop worrying about appeasing Merkel.

Chief Constable Lynne Owens has made it known that they are not prepared to deal with drunks, violent people in A&E and missing persons. There maybe something in what she says, but one thing is inevitable and that is the right to protect ourselves and others. If the police cannot do it then there is a real reason for a private force to take their place.

You can be aware of one thing and that is if someone has protected himself or others and the attacker called the police, you can be absolutely sure that they would find a helicopter, six policeman and a SWAT team to arrest the victim.

Millions of pounds are paid to translators to help immigrants who cannot speak English, what a complete and utter surprise! What on earth has happened to our country, it has taken British politicians to bring it down.

VOTE UKIP it is time to put our house in order.




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