Jihadists, Taliban and other groups



Who or what ever these people are it comes down to one thing and that is the Islamic religion. Pakistan was the architect of the Taliban, many had their education in the Madrassas or in Saudis Madrassas school. Further to this Saudi money was freely given to these people bearing in mind that the Saudis preach a very hard line on Sunni Islam. In other words we are not talking about a few hard line preachers here, which is what some people would have you believe. There are those who keep saying that Islam is a peace loving religion, if they really thought that they wouldn’t have to keep saying it.

The result of this and the compliant nature of Western government sweetened by Arab money has allowed these people to grow in force to the point where they are now threatening world peace and democracy.

If the carnage that took place in France yesterday forces all government to face up to the fact that we are now in a religious  war, then that would be a start. Seeing it as something else other than a war will ensure that the responses will fail to tackle the real problem.

As I said the die-hards will be out saying that Islam is a peaceful religion, it probably is if you don’t insult them or don’t accept their evil responses to those who disagree. How many Islamists are now saying (privately or otherwise) that those who died in that attack had it coming for insulting their prophet.

I listened to Clegg’s radio phone in where he came out strongly against any reason what so ever for killing people for speaking their mind, or in this case cartoons. If that is the case where was he when two guesthouse proprietors were hounded out of their business and vilified for maintaining their faith in Christianity or Christian Preacher John Craven who when on the street was asked by two gay teenagers about his views on homosexuality, Craven having quoted the bible was arrested and held in a cell for 19 hours. Where was Clegg then, did he not say that we have a right to offend each other.

What about the Salvation Army held in high esteem in this country, everyone I know gives to them, are they offensive when playing and preaching on the street. Is all that it takes a couple of gay teenagers to complain to have them held over.

Freedom of speech and freedom of expression is for everyone; Christians too.

Let us face it, the truth is that there are many instances where the freedom of speech is subject to far to many provisos, however, if you are a Christian and heterosexual then take care what you say.

It is nigh impossible for any country to police ad hoc the violent forays into our way of life:

The truth is that terrorism on our streets is successful and is responsible for us losing many of  our freedoms and liberties.

The security police can only do so much, it is up to governments to come together and as one, go in and seek out these people once and for all. The Jihadists and those governments who back them should be targeted and hit hard; this has to be done and the roots taken out.

Russia is still at it and probing our waters with submarines, but thanks to Cameron setting more store by giving aid to corrupt countries’ we cannot police the waters without going cap in hand to the Americans.

Our 4 billion fleet of Nimrod surveillance aircraft was due to be upgraded with MRA4 but due to 781 million over budget and 9 years late it was scrapped. However nearly five years later we still don’t have a replacement, so we have to rely on the Americans to defend us, pathetic.

Cameron has compromised our defence and now he is looking at women to place in the front line, how foolish can you get. Look at the police force, hundreds of the policewomen are not up to fitness standard and already we have people like professor Craig Jackson saying that it is because the tasks are more suited to the male! That is what will happen if you place them in the front line position, they will seek to downgrade the male fighting force, it is inevitable.

Vote for UKIP if you want your freedom and control of our borders.



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