Farage was completely right to talk about a fifth column in England, of course there is, ask the security police. It is totally unacceptable and irresponsible for any other leader to say otherwise.

Once again Farage is stating the hard facts, in other words the truth, the other leaders are themselves taking advantage to rubbish Farage, such is their fear of him and the truth.

These are the people who (particularly) the Labour party who called every one a racist for daring to talk about immigration and now they are all at it again; you wonder what hold the Muslim Society have over them.

The Muslim Council of Britain has condemned the attacks, would you expect them to do otherwise! I would be more impressed if they publicly called for all Muslims to immediately  give up those who plan the attacks on our cities. Further more, they should make it an offence to actively seek to convert Christians to the Muslim brotherhood; that is truly offensive; Don’t hold your breath


Vote Farage and UKIP for the truth and our real freedom.


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