Charlie Hebdo and Colleagues

The barbaric murder of Charlie Hebdo and others is symptomatic of a disease that has spread from the fanatics of a religion, and is enveloping the worlds democratic societies and holding us to ransom.

This is a religion that cannot exist alongside those who have different faiths without violence coming to the fore.Wherever they are, they bring conflict, turmoil and instability, Their inability to merge is slowly but surely ensuring that the extreme right will not only survive but become much stronger. It is now only a matter of time before they will themselves be under attack.

This will not be good and it is time that the governments stopped worrying as to whether any actions they take will upset Islam. They now have to come together and deal with this problem, it is clear to all that the Islamic world has no intention of doing so.

They cannot deal with this problem unless they grasp the fact that this is a war, a war they must win. The Western governments, US and others must combine and go in as one, to deal with the situation once and for all. Those governments who support these terrorists must be totally isolated in every way shape and form, we must forget their money and reassert democratic rights. They must show no mercies to home grown terrorists and their families. We have in this country particularly, have capitulated to violent Imams and others, it is time to stop. It is not possible for any country, to be on permanent alert.

If they do not like who and what we are then get rid of them;enough

Cameron and the Merkel have clearly conspired together, where there is a will etc. You have to be mad to believe any of the claptrap put out on the media yesterday, all designed to mollify the electorate prior to the election. These political leaders, who despite all are determined to have their own way, regardless of the end result have in time, gone down in one way or another; and Cameron will go down.

Vote UKIP before it is too late.  


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