Milliband “Weaponise” the NHS

We all know that the NHS is having its fair share of problems. We know also that Labour’s idiotic agreement with the doctors, paying them more to do less has more than amplified the problem.

They also increased the population by over 3 million and cut 50,000 beds under their government, where was hypocrite Andy Burnham then. Now we have Milliband and his party standing up for the NHS! Their hypocrisy is beyond belief; yet there still people along with the immigrants that vote for them, the mind boggles.

Cameron has a physiotherapist giving him treatment for his knees, lucky he can afford it. I have real problems with mine also but all to do with my service in the Paras, where apart from all else you had to take the place of a donkey.

Cameron’s real problem is that he spends too much time on his knees to Merkel; the physiotherapist would do us all a favour if she helped him stiffen his back.

The cap on European migrants has been dropped by Cameron, just prior to Merkel’s visit, what a surprise.

The attack in France is more than abhorrent, for once words are not enough. I am sick of everyone saying that Islam is peaceful, it isn’t and the lack of action by those who practice it, is proof to that; we are at war with Islam, it is as simple as that. They cannot and do not want to exist alongside other religions, they have no place in our society.

It is now up to the western powers and the rest of the world to tackle it head on.

Vive la France

Long live England too. If you want England to exist then vote UKIP.

If you want to be in thrall to Europe, Marxist labour, and the SNP and the Unions then vote for them and the end of England.

<> here is the contact which will allow you to attend the king’s Hall on the 25th of February, Herne Bay Kent. Just ask for a ticket.




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