Barnett formula, Mansion tax and quangos

The Barnett formula came about because it simplified things for him bearing in mind that he had the International Monetary Fund (Labour again) on his back. Scotland’s bid for independence saw the three main party leaders vow to continue this formula, despite the fact that a minimum of 76% of the public in England want it scrapped. Barnett himself has called it a national embarrassment and totally unfair.

Salmond of course has used this £1623 (19%) for political purposes, funding tuition fees and prescription whilst we in England struggle, particularly students.

Why are we still continuing with it? it is because each of the three parties are themselves using it for political purposes and to hell with English public; I think the words are “get knotted”

Now we have another Scottish MP backed by the Marxist Milliband, who have decided that the Mansion tax will pay for nurses in Scotland! Marxist Labour are once again selling out the English to garner votes. We are one, so they say, how pathetic. What it means is that less than 0.3 per cent of the mansion tax would hit Scottish homes and the almost full brunt would be placed on the already bowed shoulders of the English. As a result Scotland will get an enormous share of the takings.

How much longer are we going to take this contempt of the English by the party leaders, particularly Cameron who is an English MP. This is not going to change, they believe that the English indigenous population will take anything and everything thrown at them.

We have become poor for one reason only (apart from the total economic competence of the Labour party) and that is we are handing out money to anyone who puts their hands out. We have a World Wide NHS free at the point of entry. We dispense aid to corrupt countries in vast amounts. We pay far to many fat fees to so much of the civil service, councils too.

Let us not forget also the incredible amount of quangos we have today. 1200 in all and all unelected, should they make a complete mess of anything, as quangos they will not be held responsible! yet they are responsible for up 170Bn of expenditure per year. Five times the defence budget; many of these quangos of course are run by Labour cronies.

Let us face it we are a rich country and it because we are rich and are governed by MPs who names are all preceded by the word largesse, is why the indigenous English population are struggling to stay alive. Is it not bad enough that demographically the indigenous Christian English are slowly becoming a mere statistic in our own country. We must not allow the left and the immigrant community who vote for them, to hold us to ransom.

We in England are going to become (again) a whipping boy for the Scots and Marxist Labour, it is time to call a halt to all of this. Thanks to Nigel Farage we are already changing the face of politics in this country and must continue to do so.

We have to vote UKIP in order to get out of that unelected regime across the water and side-line the proposed merger of the SNP, Marxist Labour and the petty Liberals, otherwise we are going to be very sorry indeed.

Please note that Douglas Carswell will be speaking at the King’s Hall in Herne Bay Kent on the 25th of February, Tickets only.

I will supply the email tomorrow for tickets.

In the meantime prepare to vote for UKIP, the English peoples party and the only party to fully represent us.


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