The Tory party have lost the one thing that matters most and that is trust. Cameron like Blair has sacrificed his charisma on the alter of deceit.

Falseness can be seen by all except the truly foolish, one is reminded of perpetual liars who clearly think that as dissemblers of the truth, they believe that everyone they lie to is deceived. Given a little time, most people will know who and what they are and for the most part they are totally unimpressed.

Cameron like Blair is not trustworthy, like the double glaze salesmen of old you have to take everything he comes up with “with a pinch of salt”.

Romanians are having a field day, sleeping on our streets in their hundreds, schools being overwhelmed with their children, money being handed out right left and centre. Where are the people now who said they would not be a problem, Sarah Soubry what about her, another one who thought she was very clever calling Farage a racist.

Sarah Soubry is the one who described St George’s Chapel of Remembrance as an “inappropriate use of resources” can you think of a more sickening comment on those who went up to fight the enemy, despite being outnumbered on nearly every occasion.

Like most of the MPs now they have no sense of what is right and wrong and are given to inanities when it comes to sacrifices of others.

£50,000! we gave more that that to that Islamist fanatic Abu Hasma al Masri to run his freebie car, not to mention his children and wife.

Perhaps Cameron could knock off a small amount of the aid he gives to corrupt regimes to honour our dead.

The attempt to belittle Farage goes on and on, let us all remember if it wasn’t for him we would even further up to our necks with immigrants. He has shown up the establishment for what they are; what was it Winston said “economical with the truth” We still have the people with the black books who knew what sort of people they were protecting and still continue to protect; even the civil service do their bit.

Cameron has said that he will rule nothing out. presumably Merkel is quite happy for him to bandy that about. We all know that he cannot renegotiate yet he still tries to con us. The Tories are quite clearly fools and have equal contempt for the English voters. The Marxist Labour party has at least come out, and called the middle class vote as the wrong sort of people. Cameron unfortunately has had more time for the gay community and the dissolution of the concept of marriage between a man and woman, than he has for the English voter.

To keep out the SNP and Marxist Labour vote UKIP and you will get UKIP and we can trim Cameron’s tail or preferably get him out, he is bad for this country.


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