This is England, what has happened to us.




NHS where its management is so entrenched that they can safely hound (that is the right word) those who expose its shortcomings, even where life is involved. Those who work at the work face deserve better, unfortunately the buck stops with Cameron.

Drunken women and men on the streets, creating havoc with our medics, police and shaming us all, yet once again we have a government who cannot resolve what essentially is a simple problem. Take them into a separate system, see to them after which, you can impose a substantial fine and name them. Increase their fine by half up to the third incident then put them in prison for two weeks.

I am prepared to bet that there would be a sharp fall in drunks. This of course is what you get following New Labour’s so called café culture and allowing pubs to remain open etc. Labour are always looking at how to break down social order and over the past years have been fairly successful.

Secret courts have become an absolute menace, backed up unfortunately by the police who seem to delight in wielding their power without any restraints. The motorist slapped in jail for hooting his horn behind a police car, subsequently found to be innocent of, shall we say, bad behaviour. He called the police bully’s for dragging him through a system for no real justification.

A 73 year old grand mother facing a prison sentence because she hugged her daughter, again detained by the police and put inside like some hardened criminal. Secret courts,  a judge with remarkable powers, the ill-famed social services backed up by the police. Is this the country that gave us and the rest of the world the Magna Carter

No freeman shall be taken or imprisoned, or be disseised of his Freehold, or Liberties, or free customs, or be outlawed, or exiled, or any other wise destroyed; nor will We not pass upon him, nor condemn him, but by lawful judgement of his peers, or by the law of the land.

We now castigate the US for Guantanamo and treating its prisoners with complete and utter contempt and withholding their freedom. Here in England we now have something that is far worse, now you can be made to disappear, by an order of a judge in conjunction with the social services, that is truly frightening.

Again what have the government done about this, clichés and banalities are no substitute for action. We are now up against an establishment who protects its own, without due regard to the crime or crimes, whilst bearing down on the individual. It is why we have the civil service, councils etc. paying themselves taxpayers salaries far in excess of what they should, in many cases out of one door and back in on another for more goodies. Bonus payments for failures, how could they allow all this happen.

Once again a new (perhaps old) scheme where employers in conjunction with immigrants advertise for skilled and professional  people for menial jobs. This was called the Tier Two of Labours immigration system, clearly as is normal for Labour, a complete and utter balls up.

Immigrants are still running rings around our border control agencies, as I said above, the buck stops with Cameron and not with the agencies.

We will not control immigration whilst we are in thrall to the EU, and despite Cameron’s blather he is completely in tune with Germany’s Merkel. They may have replaced the Swastika with the EU flag, but it is still Germany who calls the tune.

It is more than embarrassing that so many so called English MPS are totally Ok with this, it is totally dishonourable and the practice of calling each other honourable etc. should be put in the bin of shame.

We need to change the face of politics in this country. Soon we could be faced with a left wing SNP, a Marxist government and left wing unions, each one of these hate the English and will delight in finishing off England once and for all under the auspices of Merkel’s government. This is without doubt, a recipe for civil disorder in England, because there are many English men and women who will not take this lying down.

So vote for UKIP and make sure that we have a party that fully represents the indigenous population of England;

never was a vote more important than this.


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