2050 Pathways Analysis

Christopher Booker of the Mail has told us of this legislative madness that has now gripped parliament i.e. we are going to phase out gas with petrol and diesel! Guess who pushed it through Parliament, why Red Ed of course. Another wide eyed piece of irrationality  by a man who still has no idea as to how this can happen,

A British government will be tasked with meeting an impossible task of working out how it could be done, It envisages a future where in five years we will embark on an wholesale switch from gas, coal and other fossil fuels to electricity. Just stop and think of the implications of that, is it any wonder that we have so many problems in Britain today and all based on the fact that we have the worlds biggest idiots running our country. Where, apart from all else are we going to the necessary supply of electricity. How many wind farms etc. are we going to need and how are we going to back them up when the don’t work, they are not fit for purpose even under today’s conditions.

God help us, it is time to put the foolhardy eco-warriors on an island and forget about them; they have now become dangerous.

Vote for sanity and freedom from these foolish rules. Vote UKIP


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