A Fat but Booming England

A European Court of Justice has said that being overly fat is a disability. Have you ever heard such an irrational and ridiculous comment in all of your life. The English are being taken for a ride every day, now they want us to save people from harm who are nothing more than gluttonous.

For gods sake tell them they are fat and to stop eating. We have all noticed that there are many people in these mobile units prancing around the street because they are too fat to walk.

The projections in the World Economic League Table state England economy  will be larger than Germanys by 2030, also that we have overtaken France to become the worlds fifth largest economy. Where would we be now if it wasn’t for the Albatross called the EU which is clearly holding us back. Business regulations alone have cost us much and every day the unelected EU and the Courts of Justice think up different ways to shackle us.

The Tory party have lost all sense of direction and are walking into a hail of fire. They simply cannot get it into their heads that Cameron, who isn’t trusted by anyone I know, will lose the election. This is a man who couldn’t get a majority when the Labour party were on the canvas, down and out for the count.

There are two ways to win the election with some sort of a majority, one get rid of Cameron. Two put in a man who will give us a referendum six months after the election, in this way they will get a majority.

The alternative is a unashamed Marxist government supported by what is left of the Liberal party and the Greens but above all held in power by the SNP whose sole purpose will be to see the end of England, aided in every way by the New Reich. Let us not forget that it was a Scottish Cabal under Tony Blair who started the destruction of England and our institution, he has much to answer for but he is protected by the establishment. A Marine sergeant was put in prison for taking out a terrorist in an operation, but Blair who is responsible for many British soldiers deaths is free to make his money, his protection comes from the very top of our government and civil service.

The blatant attack of marriage in the last government, laws which allowed Christian to be hauled before the courts because they wanted to practice their faith. The Tagging of ordinary people who expressed their view as homophobic, racist etc. attacked by a government who ostensibly were there to protect them. Truly a Marxist government supported by the SNP will see England ground into the dust.

The last Labour government introduced the new drinking laws, a café culture they called it. We can all remember the outcry by the police, doctors the public and many councils as to how foolish it was. So it has turned out to be, we are inundated with youngsters overflowing with cheap booze supplied by supermarkets and take away shops. There is now violence on the street and the NHS is wasting it’s valuable time looking after drunken kids.

Take into account the fact that GPs were given extra money for doing nothing and freed  of doing their full job, looking after people in a proper manner and we had a government which was totally irresponsible or they knew what they were doing? It comes under the heading of breaking down social order in England; they will not be happy until they have obliterated England.

The England we knew has gone, but we are still essentially Christian in everything we do. We see it all around us in our everyday lives. There is still kindness all around us, people who are prepared to help. We cannot judge who and what we are by the total idiots on the TV and medias penchant for saturating us with total rubbish.

England still has much to offer despite the attempt by unpatriotic politicians to adulterate the indigenous population. It will need however, politicians who believe in England and our freedoms; each day we are seeing secrecy by our politicians, judges and the police. The worst aspects of the last war are on our doorstep, we have lost much of the freedom to speak and now freedom of expression is being attacked.

It is time to vote for a Party like UKIP made up of people who actually love their country unlike many of our politicians in thrall to the EU and Marxism.

VOTE UKIP if you love your country. Remember Marxist Labour take many of their votes from people who have no time for England other than what they get out of it and your pocket.


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