Cameron’s ire

Cameron has fined mark Reckless £3000 for general election leaflets made prior to his election, in addition he has personally come out against two of Theresa May’s advisers because they didn’t want to break their civil service terms to campaign for the party; now they cannot stand for election. He is beginning to sound like Clegg, soon he will be stamping his feet.

Lost migrants have now surpassed the City of Cardiff, over 350,000 people, thousands of passports given out, 10,000 passports stolen under the last government, sham marriages where 85% of grooms are foreign students, hundreds of murderers on the streets, rapists and every other criminal you can think of, not to mention literally thousands of Islamic radicals out there waiting to pounce.

A Libyan arms dealer, two ‘British Jihadis’ and 17 illegal immigrants taken at Dover. The arms dealer carrying an order for 18 million worth of arms, this is where we are at. Where did he get the money, was it from the Islamic community?

Now we have 9% of social housing is given to foreigners, that means that 9% of the English are denied a home. Still they are only second hand citizens in their own country, so why worry.

All of this can be laid at the doorstep of this and particularly the last government. Politicians who haven’t the faintest idea of how to govern a country and its people. No commonsense, no guts and above all no patriotism, and they all bear imprint of the last person who kicked them up the posterior. Unfortunately the last comment may find favour with some of them.

Then we have the unelected EU and the courts who have decided that those who cannot control the urges for stuffing food are disabled. The implications for this are horrific and will impact most strongly on the indigenous English population. Do you think that they don’t know this, of course they do. We are being beaten into the ground and our politicians have the proverbial finger where it shouldn’t be.

Cameron said that changing the rules the EU rules on migrants would be “at the very heart of my renegotiation strategy for Europe“, however, Merkel, head of the New Reich has said that she will rather see us leave as that is a step too far.

So why is Cameron still talking about a 2017 referendum? he is doing it because he can, just like some silly little schoolboy. There will be no beneficial negotiation, everyone knows that, but like his unfortunate obsession with Gay marriage he is determined to do what he wants to do; the man has no credibility in any way shape or form, he cannot be trusted and this is a bad place to be in.

They will lose the election because he and his party are treating the English public with total disrespect.

One thing I always told myself about Salmon was that he was a consummate politician but I never thought he would be foolish enough go down this road where his hatred of England would allow him to threaten us. His policy is to create hatred between Scotland and England and he is well on the way, he and the Scots would do well to hold back as they could find themselves in a most unpleasant environment if they irk enough people. Take your threats elsewhere Salmon whilst there is still time.

We must vote UKIP in otherwise a total left wing SNP, the greens, Clegg’s little boys and a Marxist party will rule England under the auspices of an unelected regime across the water. If this happens then England will disintegrate and civil disorder will surly follow.


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