Isn’t it typical, all of the video footage shows one thing and that is Russell Brand slagging off Farage. I am fed up of the bias shown by the newspapers and the BBC.

The BBC have shown us what a bunch of left wing fools they are by highlighting  that total twit Russell Brand, do they really think that everyday people take him seriously?

Newsnight was a complete embarrassment, do it properly or get off the air.

As for David I lost all respect for him after 9/11 where he chaired and had leftie Yasmin Brown alongside him. This was a typical left wing BBC programme where 3,000 had just been murdered and we allowed Muslims in the audience being allowed to scream hate at Americans, this was despite the fact that there were many others who died, including the British.

The spineless left wing BBC and many of it’s presenters should cast aside.


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