Election May 7th 20-15

It is fair to say that many of Cameron’s cohorts are now frantically searching for jobs that will allow them to maintains a life style afforded to them by Parliament and taxpayers.

On the other hand how many really good companies would want an ex politician, who likes to divide his time to increase his earning and above all give his or her spouse a nice little earner, again on the taxpayer? not in the real world, that’s for sure.

Cameron will have an eyeful when UKIP confounds to political class, the left wing papers, BBC and obtains at least 13 to 20 seats, or even more. The English too will now have to take into account the SNP and Salmon, who hates England and its people. When he said he is going to turn Westminster upside down, he means it, if he is coupled with a Marxist government that will mean real trouble for the English; a bridge too far I believe for the English.

It means that the English population must come out in force to make UKIP a kingmaker. We cannot be ruled by a Marxist government and Scotland, remember that the last government was a Scottish Cabal and look where that left us. Remember Red Ed and Balls were senior member of that government too and look where that left us.

If we ensure that UKIP are kingmakers then we can have an election 6 months after the election and let the people decide. 2017 for an election is another PR wheeze by Cameron because he has decided to leave politics then; it is the sort of thing that scoundrels do, we used to call them scallywags at one  time.

Read the UKIP Manifesto which is now beginning to look like a manifesto for England. It is worth mentioning defence where this government has sacked 20,000 soldiers to save money whilst increasing it’s aid overseas; which is now getting close to 12 billion! In today’s world we cannot afford to sack professional soldiers, 80,000 servicemen backed up by the TA is foolish to say the least.

Somehow we must end up with an English parliament that looks after it’s citizens. We will not get that with  a Marxist government ruled by the Unions and Scots.




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