Cameron’s obsession with the EU


Spain has an unbelievable 50% youth unemployment, Italy is declining rapidly and turning on it’s immigrants, and who can blame them. A quarter of the Greek’s are unemployed, yet the monstrous EU carries on as if nothing has happened.

This is the EU that Cameron is intent on us staying with, we have hundreds of murderers and rapist and God know what else roaming the streets. Islam and jihadist are running amok in England and we the indigenous population have no say what so ever, why? it is because Cameron in his high mindedness and total arrogance has decided that we are not capable of making the right decisions.

He will not win the next election, the fruitcakes and loonies will see to that. If I was a Tory MP I would move now, the only problem is that they would be just as useless and avaricious in UKIP as before.


Vote UKIP and keep out the SNP and become the Kingmaker  


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