Turkey and Cameron

 Cameron has opened his Europhile arms to Turkey, first Romania and Bulgaria where he said that they would not be a problem but already there are more than 100,000 of them sending at least £500,000 per day to their country. The Romanian Central Bank states that 41 million pound has left the UK in 3 months! Happy days, we are promoting potential millionaires and high flyers in Romania and all out of our taxpayers money.

Traian Baseccu the President has said this about England:

‘Social protection makes it more comfortable to be unemployed than do manual labour’

How very true, so thanks to all your English idiot taxpayers for making it so, and thank you Mr Cameron.

Now Cameron wants to inundate this country with a Muslim state! Turkey has a population of at least 73 million with a Muslim population between 75 to 97%. On the whole Turkey is not a threat to anyone but that is not a reason for welcoming vast amounts of Muslims here. Look at the problems we already have with the ever burgeoning and vocal Islam.

What is Cameron up to? what are his plans for England. We already know that he has dismissed freedom and the right to rule ourselves by virtue of the fact that he is intent on keeping us in the unelected, corrupt and totalitarian EU. Is he in favour of an Islamic state in England, it certainly appears to be that way.

There are more than 12,000 foreign criminal in England today, with 700 murders and 500 rapists.

This was uncovered by David Hanson Labours immigration spokesman, who in keeping with Labour’s total hypocrisy blames the Conservative Party, yet we all know that once again that it was labours policy of deliberately bringing in migrants that set this in motion, however, we have become a total magnet for criminals of all types and economic migrants, all thanks to our politicians.

Yes migrants are good for England but only under proper control and not used by the business community and politicians to drive down wages

Immigration is the real reason why wages are kept down and business directors are coining vast amounts of personal money.

This is why Farage is right, we need proper control of our borders. Those who are against UKIP, which is the left and business community, rail against us for not wanting foreigners, because it pays them to say so; they don’t want control.

Once again it is not about anti immigration but we do want to control our borders.

We are losing our country, thanks to compliant and totally pathetic politicians who look to their pockets and personal status forgetting that they are there to protect the indigenous English. Nothing will change unless we change the politics of this country and elect patriotic English men and women to an English parliament.

Cameron will go but we must vote UKIP to hold the balance of power. SNP and Marxist Labour will bring this country to the point where civil order will become a reality.


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