The Archbishop and Foodbanks

Justin Welby should stay out of politics and concentrate on religion. If he was half as good as the Imams in the Islamic community in driving forward Christianity, then his churches wouldn’t be so empty.

Acting as a cheer-leader for the left is foolish, those in the left care nothing for the people, they are concerned with one thing only and that is revolution and class warfare.

The Archbishop obviously doesn’t get around to much, otherwise he would see that there is a large majority of women and men who have no cash problems when it comes to smoking, drinking and gambling and covering themselves with tattoos. Of course there are people who are suffering and those should be helped and are, by reputable home grown charities.

What we are seeing today is the result of the lefts penchant for breaking down the family and social order. It was the left who virtually wiped marriage of the books despite the fact that every one knew that it was a recipe for disaster, but that didn’t stop them. Now they are using the Archbishop’s naivety to get their own way.

I will not put my hand up for the conservative party, however, one thing is clear, the terrible mess we are in is all down to the Labour party and their cohorts. The conservative party are trying to get us out of it, but is not going to be easy. Listening to the lefts constant barrage of what is wrong, really gets up my nose, each and everyone in the Marxist Labour party is an absolute total hypocrite.

So please Archbishop give it away.

So everyone is still at it, seeking every little tittle tattle to beat the UKIP party with, this recent one for sexual harassment is now getting boring. One thing about the women in the fifties and sixties, they were real women and on the whole knew how to handle young men seeking to sow their oats. It would seem today that brushing against a coat sends a woman into total meltdown, which is contrary to way they exhibit themselves.

Salmon has said he is going to turn Westminster upside down, he probably will as he is a canny politician. The Scots however should bear in mind that the SNP has already divided Scotland and above all has turned many an Englishman against to the Scots. I have no doubt that there are many in Scotland who will say good, so what, but turning in on yourselves and England, will in the long run prove to be a disadvantage to all.

Scots have always been popular but that has now been ended, when he comes to Westminster he is clearly coming as an enemy to England and people will treat him as such. That is Salmon’s legacy certainly not one he can be proud of.

The coalition has run out of work, playing games in Parliament is all they can do, they will however draw their money along with their spouses and dream up ways of cheating us further. Cameron’s foolish act giving us five years before we can have an election is nothing more than one of his endless lack of judgements. He seems to have a sack where he puts his hand in and comes out with another one. Still he will be gone soon because the fruitcakes and loonies will put paid to him.

If you are English you will need to Vote UKIP at the next election because if we don’t then we are going to be ruled from Scotland and the EU, God forbid 





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