Liberals and conmen Conseratives

Liberals are putting forward a bill to make it illegal to circumvent the aid budget, during the debate only four of the Tory party voted against it!!

Very soon we will have to give one billion a month on aid. Just think of it, one billion a month and don’t forget that will increase too.

To the EU we give 50 million per day and Tony Blair give away has cost us four billion so far.

We have to give another 1.7 billion to EU because basically we have done the right thing, so what is the point.

We are not actually poor, we are giving our hard won money away to everyone, that’s the problems. We are being done up like Xmas turkeys and fraudsters in Europe and aid countries are falling about laughing.

The indigenous population are being taken for fools.

When it comes to an election do not vote for these damn traitors in our parliament, vote UKIP.

VOTE UKIP they are the only party who represent us.


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