Jihadist’s and other problems.





Why are we stopping potential Jihadists from leaving the country, if they want to be part of the IS state let them go, make them take their families with them too.

Those who want to come back because they are now concerned about the realities of life, must be stopped, so too those, who want to come back and create mayhem. If a Jihadist comes back and is involved in an attack then the fault will lie solely with the foreign office and Cameron; there will be no room for passing the buck.

We need a strong right wing government in this country, the government policy of handing out citizenships ad infinitum  are taking a leaf out of the Marxist labour’s policy of building up immigrants so that they will vote for them. Cameron thinks that by 2017 he will have enough votes to keep us in the Fourth Reich.

Enoch Powell was right, like Margaret Thatcher he was another conviction politician. Enoch believed quite sincerely that uncontrolled immigration would destroy the fabric of British Society. We can now see that he was absolutely right, it is there for all of us to see. Even after the treachery of Heath, (following the Rivers of Blood speech) I have no doubt that Enoch would not have believed that the instigators of all this were English politicians in thrall to Germany; without doubt he would have called them traitors.

Cameron sees immigration as a political problem, he is actually totally OK with immigration; despite what it is doing to our country. All he is doing now is to try and appease the plebs, fruitcakes and loonies, so he can concentrate on the election.

UKIP has target seats and Tory councillors in those seats would be best served by going across to UKIP, because come the election they will be out in the cold. There will be Marxist labour seats who will also be under duress, surely there must be some old style Labourites who believe in their country, and not Marxist revolutionary ideologies! I suggest you move now before it is too late.

England is being squeezed out of existence, economically and demographically, if you love your country vote for UKIP and the right to be free.

Winston Churchill said:

All great things are simple and many can be expressed by simple words;

Freedom, Justice, Honour, Duty, Mercy, Hope.

Today’s politicians have given that all away, the words above are just words to them, and nothing else, however the indigenous people are different, they believe in them, it is therefore time to hold these so called MPs to account.

To do that vote UKIP.


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