MOD gags Paras.

The MOD has gagged Paras and told them not to discuss the RAF’s role in saving Paratroopers stranded in a minefield. Surly the RAF used what they had, and it is the MODs fault that helicopters fitted with winches were not dispatched.

If senior officers are portrayed in a negative light, is it because they have something to hide? We have seen over the past few years how the MOD has much to be castigated for, over manned with many of the staff not up to the necessary standard as a result of which, many have and are paying the price.

Telling the Para’s not to wear their uniform is a certain sign that they have good reason not to be held up to the light.

Cameron staring into the camera yesterday when his guru told him to, has fooled no one. It was so obvious and hypocritical knowing what we know about his obsession with the EU. Does he really think that the voters are fooled by this? someone should tell him that a lack of a good education does not mean a lack of intelligence and we are all aware of the fact that he dare not cross Merkel.

Blaming Clegg has nothing to do with the fact that he has been five years doing nothing about immigration and its problems. As for a 2017 referendum (snigger, snigger) it is pathetic, we should be having a referendum 6 months after an election,

let us face it Cameron it is our country not yours and if anyone is going to give it away to an unelected regime across the water it should be the people and not you and your cohorts.

Finally I am sick of Cameron’s constant remarks about UKIP and the people who support it, nothing would make me support the Tories now, they no longer represent the people, it is the establishment and those who have enough money to get what they want and that includes not paying taxes.

Lord Harries of Pentregarth has stated that Prince Charles Coronation Service should opened with a reading from the Koran, where do we get these bloody fools from.

If he gets his way (anything can happen in England today) perhaps he will want to open with the concept of 72 virgins with their “full grown”, “swelling” or “pear shaped” breasts and help us understand why Jihadist are prepared to murder men, women and children for this indulgence.

There are just over 5% Muslims living in England and many of them are busy converting women to Islam. What would happen if we attempted to convert Muslim women to Christianity or led them to the streets.

It is no surprise that there is Islam phobia in England and idiot Bishops (OK he is from Oxford) spouting foolish notions will certainly harden the stance by most people.

VOTE UKIP they are the only people who represent the English speaking nation.


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