‘The British people to have their say’

I have listened to Cameron’s speech today, this much I will say and that is he makes a pretty speech, but that is what it is, a pretty speech.

He talks about England and our desire for  freedom and sovereignty, however, to him alone that is meaningless. He has already come the conclusion that England is nothing more than a  province to the EU and is intent on making that a fact of life. He does not understand that the people of England are committed to freedom and sovereignty and dressing it up to accommodate the desires of Germany to be dominant in all ways shape and form, will not work.

His five ways forward are worthless and would involve 28 countries working in harmony and that is not about to happen, committees don’t work.

He talks about the World Wars and how we have moved forward etc. he ignores the fact that Germany lost the last two wars and decided that another approach was needed; they are still wedded to monetary policy and domination of Europe. They are determined to rule Europe and all Cameron’s bluster will not escape that simple fact.

Cameron’s  attempt to inveigle us into the EU brings nothing but contempt to us all.

Vote UKIP because we need truth and not deceit and a referendum in 2015.



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