Cameron – Gamechanger

Here we are again another speech by Cameron, no doubt he will promise us everything and nothing. Invoking Margaret Thatcher will fool no one. Margaret was a conviction politician and honest, no one doubted her except the left wing politicians because she knew them for what they were, a bunch of  perfidious people whose aim in life was to destroy England and its people.

Cameron couldn’t hold a candle to her and neither could the treacherous bastards who stabbed her in the back.

It has been made clear that there will be no renegotiation, we know it and so does his cronies in Parliament. Cameron and his MPs are like little children, most of us who have had children have experienced them putting their hands over their ears and saying no, no etc. because they didn’t like their parent telling them they are wrong. That is what they are doing and it is why they will try to deceive us so that they can get their own wretched way.

Cameron’s speech is all about deceit, it has already calmed the fears of his pathetic MPs because they think that the plebs will say good old Cameron, he will do the job; they truly are a pathetic bunch of you know what.

I was glad to hear Theresa May comment on immigration but within day days the doubt crept in, things weren’t what they were meant to be. Cameron’s speech will be the same, not today but tomorrow and we could or maybe we would etc. another cast iron guarantee that will turn out to be made of jelly.

The amount of immigration is high, very high and England and it’s people are feeling the pain. The well heeled establishment tell you that they know this but the medication is based on it will get better tomorrow. Rubbish they are all liars and they only answer is to vote for UKIP, they are the only people who represent us, Cameron doesn’t, he represents Germany and so does the left wing.

We need a strong right wing government and that will be UKIP.  


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