Charles Walker Vice Chairman 1922 Committee

Can we lay one thing to rest and that is UKIP is not against immigration and we are not waiting for the day when we can deport Polish citizens.

I know it, the people know it and above all Charles Walker knows it. What we are against is unrestricted immigration and that is a totally different thing.

Let us forget all of these lies and continue to forge ahead.

Our social services are under a great strain, schools and hospitals are buckling under the stress of trying to cope. The people of England are well aware of this, they are also aware of the fact that they are becoming second class citizens in their own country.

We are and have imported murders, rapists. burglars, jihadists and have allowed them on our streets. Multiculturism has been an absolute curse and has relegated Christianity to just another faith, a faith that the police and various obscure bodies are too ready to come down on at a moments notice.

Islam, a faith that has made it clear to all and sundry that we are nothing more than unbelievers and should be wiped out. The Islamic community can be judged by their actions, whatever happens they do nothing and have made it clear that they simply do not want to integrate, in the meantime Sharia law is allowed to flourish.

The EU an unelected totalitarian regime, under the auspices of Germany, supported by the Tory Party takes away our freedom. We have existed under the Magna Carta for centuries and in that time we have had justice, however, times have changed for the worst. Recently a man was pursued and placed in jail on the basis of a citizen in that country who saw him close to a fire, despite the fact that he had nothing to do with it. Then again a man and woman with their sick child were also hounded and placed under terrible duress thanks to the EAW. Andrew Symeou another man extradited to Greece where he spent a year in prison and denied bail.

We do not need Corpus Juris in this country, it is contrary to our system of innocent before proven guilty. Clearly England under the Tory and other parties is on a sick and destructive  path.

So let us get back to Charles Walker, I have no doubt that his time in America has imbued him with the a typical puerile American ‘let us kick arse’ hence his comment in the Sunday Mail; so let us join him!

Who is this total Pratt who has decided that anyone who votes for UKIP is malicious and destructive,

I love my country states Mr Walker, crap Charles, is that why your are on your knees before Angela Merkel the German Chancellor.

I love my country and whilst you were prancing about in America I served 12 years in the special forces, you on the other hand are in thrall to the New Reich, so don’t even try to give me or other UKIP members a hard time because I exercised my vote,

my vote not yours Mr Walker, I can put my mark anywhere I want.

You do not have the right to malign people for exercising their vote, didn’t they teach you that in America. You are right about one thing and that is no deals, who the hell wants a deal with an MP who is gagging to give his country away.

Other MPs who believe in their country and freedom have been given the green light by this man, if you love your country then get out now and join UKIP. If you don’t then you can join the rest and suck up to Germany.

Vote UKIP and you will get UKIP

Vote TORY and you will get Germany for your master.


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