UKIP A new voice for the Tory party and the real Labour party.

The Tory party seeks to assure themselves that they can overcome the 42% vote for UKIP.

So we can assume that they will give the same attention to each and every seat they contest i.e.  246 Tories visited the seat, 50 made one visit, 60 made two visits, 90 made three visits and 46 made four visits; the leader of the Party Cameron made 5 visits. Still they lost.

The Tory party should not take heart, if you blitzed the seat and still lost, you had better come up with a real alternative. A good idea is to put a man in place who we can trust and who isn’t in thrall to Merkel, however, you will not and of course you will go down. Forget the pundits who are already telling us how Cameron will win etc. so far they have all been wrong.

If you can convince Cameron to give us a referendum 3 months after the next election and state that he will advocate leaving the EU, then you will have a chance. The trouble is Cameron will say anything to achieve his aims, and simply cannot be trusted; and that is your problem

The Whole of England knows that there will be no substantial renegotiation, so does Cameron. The only way we can get out of this unelected and totalitarian regime is by voting for UKIP.

The Tory party, Marxist Labour party and the foolish left wing Liberals have yet to learn that when you take away or ignore the rights of people by denying them a truly important vote you are encouraging violence. The writing is on the wall, take note the people are totally sick of lies, deceit, corruption and above all arrogance.

UKIP and the people of England have a new enemy and they are called the SNP a party whose aim is to destroy the union so that they can become independent. The Scots will vote for them and wipe out Marxist Labour in Scotland, they will then support the Marxist Labour party to achieve their aims and will care nothing for English voters, whom they clearly hate.

The only way round this is to vote for UKIP to make them the kingmakers. For years we have had to listen to Scottish MPs foisting their left wing socialism on us. Let us not forget the Scottish Cabal in the last government who took us into endless wars and left us totally broke and in the gutter.

Get the Scots out of our parliament, they are bad news for England.

Ed can scream all he wants, the Marxist Labour are part of the liberal elite, Ed wouldn’t know a worker if you stuffed him up his nose. Isnt it funny that all of these people as so well off! they all live in magnificent homes, with homes on the side and send their kids to high class schools whilst denying the same for your kids.

Remember Harriet Harman, she wasn’t going to send her kids to a comprehensive, that’s for the workers, however, she campaigned so that no one else could go to a good school; another total Marxist Labour hypocrite.

Blair, a millionaire now, has more homes than he can count, or is it his wife? Two more Labour Party members who talk about the workers but make sure they have nothing to do with them; except sending them off to war to get killed or maimed.

If you love your country then VOTE UKIP do we really want to give our freedom and swap it for a Marxist Labour party with a Scottish SNP calling the tune.



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