The will of the people

This was manifested in the vote of the people in Rochester and Strood, never the less the turncoat William Hague states that 42% of the vote is something they can handle at the next election, such complacency and arrogance is now typical of the Tory party.

A vast amount of foreigners are granted citizenship here than anywhere else in Europe. Cameron has taken a leaf out the Marxist Labour book. Foreigners granted citizenship are more likely to vote for the party that let them in, by 2017 Cameron hopes that immigrants will vote to stay in the EU too stymie the indigenous vote, hence the vote in 2017.

The European Court of Justices have made their mark and are now in a position to control the investment banking industry and are well on the way to decimating our wealth creating city. Each day shows us that the EU is an abomination, a curse on our society, but Cameron and his cohorts like it so the rest of us can go to hell.

Emily Thornbury, like Livingstone and MP John McDonnell has shown the true side of  the Marxist Labour party. Anyone who saw her on The Daily Politics show in the past would know that she is a sneering party political hack, one of the Liberal Elite. You know the type, I am all for the proletariat but don’t ask me to send my children to the same school as them etc.

Others in her party have done the same thing. As for the other two, encouraging violence shows that they are closer to the BNP than you think. What if a UKIP member advocated violence, the BBC would have devoted its total news for 3 days on it and the police would be knocking on the door at 3am.

The Marxist Labour party do not represent the general public and certainly not the Labour party of old.

Liberal Ed Davey has now decided that those who criticise the largesse on overseas aid is a little Englander, just who does he think he is, well the public at Rochester and Strood have made it clear that 349 votes is all they are worth. the Liberal party represents no one. They always were a totally foolish and idiotic party and soon they will go back for another 60 years in the backwater.

Islam has found its feet in England, protected at all levels they feel they can do what the want. Educated men are now practicing and planning violence against us, men are systematically raping our women. This has nothing to do with being poor or out in the cold, no job etc. Are these the men Cameron was calling for, how will he ensure that a lawyer, doctor or a member of the police force has not been turned prior to being put in place. The safety of our country comes before canvassing votes for the forthcoming election Mr Cameron.

Children in white rural areas are being forced to go on compulsory visits to Mosques, the parents should tell the Education Establishment to go to hell; we are not here to apologise for being white.

Harlow besieged by Irish Travellers, why on earth do we allow these people to make English resident’s life a misery. It is about time these people were sent back to Ireland where they belong,

Over 2 billion to the EU but France’s finance minister thinks its hilarious because he will get 1 billion euros out of that, tell the public that Cameron.

Vote UKIP you may as well because it is the only way we can get some representation. On the horizon is SNP and Marxist Labour, it is too awful to contemplate. The way out is to vote UKIP and make them the kingmakers.



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