Bill Cash MP

Bill Cash has stated the following;

The EU has become an undemocratic German Dominated Europe.

Germany and France with a few small states have the power to determine European decision making.

This is what Cameron wants us to stay part of, a German dominated Europe. Despite all of his protestations he is quite happy being in thrall to Germany, a country that will not lie down until it has complete domination over Europe. At that time it will revert to type and God help us all. As for Bill Cash he knows that supporting Cameron will help him to make it happen; full of rhetoric and nothing else.

Winston Churchill’s views on Europe.

We have our own dream and our own task. We are with Europe, but not of it. We are linked but not combined. We are interested and associated but not absorbed

Cameron wants us totally absorbed and in a state of servitude or submission to Germany, what did they teach him at Eton, certainly not pride in his country. His own dream does not include a sovereign England but one crushed under immigration with Sharia law on the march coupled with German dominated law.

Parliament and its laws which have (despite setbacks) governed us with fairness for hundreds of years, flushed down the pan, aid and abetted by Tory MPs, Marxist Labour and the foolish and treacherous Liberals.

Vote UKIP tomorrow and beyond, do you love England, then now is the time to start a fight back. There is only one party who truly represents us and that is UKIP.

Winston Churchill loved Britain and fought (despite his age) hard for it, as did all of those people represented by poppies at the Tower of London; don’t let them down.



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