People with convictions allowed to join police

What has gone wrong with the establishment, and what has allowing people with convictions to be policemen  got to do with racial diversity!

Steven White, the chairman of the police federation of England and Wales said;

‘The public need to have the utmost confidence that police officers are of the highest calibre and integrity and I have grave concerns about anything which could undermine that’.

That sentiment is supported by virtually all, so why are they going down this totally absurd path? Cameron with his skewed vision of England is sacking so many good and professional men in the armed forces, so why are they not offered the chance to continue to serve their country by serving in the police force. How many times have we heard that it is difficult for ex forces men to re-establish themselves in civvies street, for Gods sake can’t they do something right for once and apply some good old common-sense.

The English are still having problems with flooding in the West country, most of it due to lack of money, yet Cameron and his deputy are giving 600 million to alleviate flooding overseas, can you believe this!! Cameron and his largesse with our money is no longer a joke. Like Blair he is more concerned as to how he is viewed on the world stage, still we know he is just a grandstander. When it comes to a vote in the election, remember that those in this country with flooding problems, he deems you as second in line in his grand aid scheme, so vote accordingly.

Tomorrow there will be another chance to put the Tory party in their place, bear in mind that they no longer represent the indigenous  people, so in Rochester and Strood vote for Mark Reckless. Ignore John Major and his rant against UKIP. Let us not forget that this man ruined the lives of well over a million people by them having to have their homes repossessed, after which he blithely carried on with his cricket.

He tells us that we are anti immigration, rubbish, anti British, absolute total rubbish, anti aid, yet we are renowned for our generosity by all, Anti foreigners, even more rubbish. If I am anti anything it is people like Major who cannot get their own way, stamping their foot. He should hold hands with Clegg and they can stamp all day in unison

What Major really means to say is, I am quite happy with England being swamped by foreigners, who cares if our social services are being ground down and as for the EU and being in thrall to them, whatever the consequences it suits me fine; after all when you have money it isn’t a problem is it.

Major should bear this one fact in mind and that is we all have a vote and can use it as we will. Choosing to vote for another party should not merit idiotic statements by a man who ruined the lives of so many people.

Vote for Mark Reckless and UKIP tomorrow.





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