Sir John Major, Tories and Cameron’s legacy

John Major that bastion of country life, cricket and all things British; but hang on isn’t he another arrogant Tory who tends to view the real bastions of English life i.e. its people, as bastards. This man who gave us the exchange rate mechanism (we were forced out) Black Wednesday, which saw more than one million households facing repossession; rates which doubled and went up to 15% but Major was alright, he had money. So why should we listen to Cameron’s unofficial negotiator, Cameron calls us fruitcakes and loonies and Major calls us bastards; give me one good reason why we should vote for the Cameron and his Tory cohorts. The EU is irreconcilable with independence and that is a plain and simple fact. Cameron knows that, and it is typical of his treachery that he tries to hide that fact behind his so called renegotiation. His determination to keep us in the EU is on par with forcing gay marriage down our throats, the one thing that bothers me in both instances is why; how many in our government have their arms up behind their back? Something is not right in the Tory Party, they are now centre left, endemic with errors and a total lack of judgement from top to bottom. Why are the Tory party so surprised that we are more than suspicious  of their motives. “Something is rotten in the state of Demark” never was a remark so apt. A cast iron guarantee of a referendum, tossed to the wind, we will solve the immigrant problem, oops we cannot because the EU and Merkel won’t let me. To his own party, we will allow you to debate and vote on that  heinous European Arrest Warrant, instead of which they tried a pathetic  little trick in Parliament to get it through. Read the Sunday Mail and the current instance of a poor man under a EAW hounded from pillar to post for starting a fire in Greece, which he didn’t. Guilty until proven innocent! The EAW has no place in our society; but Cameron would like it, along with curbing the press freedoms, and let us not forget the open house for developers and foreign wind farm companies to run rampant on our green and pleasant land and make a buck. This is the Tory Party! no longer can we expect them to look after England, they have now passed it all over to those who will and are, raping our country. While we are at it we will bestow the world with our NHS and give endless money to the poor people of other countries so that they can go back home and build second homes. You can call it rhetoric but when it comes down to it, that is exactly what we are doing. We have no money and the indigenous people are suffering for it, yet we are giving 11 billion pounds away to corrupt countries just to salve the conscious of rich people like Clegg and Cameron. 55 million a day to the unelected EU who haven’t balanced their books for well over a decade, whilst in England people are struggling to stay alive. Scotland too, who on the whole hate England get at least £1300 per person more than the English and have a say in English laws whilst theirs remain sacrosanct and so it goes on. It is time to rise up and vote for a party that represents England and its people, we can start with Mark Reckless at Rochester and then the general election. Either we vote for UKIP or we will get the SNP and Marxist Labour, who are the next best thing to BNP as they advocate violence (ask MP John McDonnell) or we will get Cameron and the SNP, in which case they will extract more goodies for Scotland and we really will become serfs. Vote UKIP


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