Milliband a true Marxist

Just like his father, who came to stay with us to save his life, but didn’t like who we were. What is it about these people who come to us for help and security only to tell us that we have got it wrong as a Nation, and it is time to put us on the right track.

We certainly do not need a Marxist to pave the way for us, just look at history and see exactly what Marxism have done for others.

Marx in the manifesto of the communist party said;

You must therefore confess, that by “individual” you mean no other person than the bourgeois, the the middle class owners of a property This person must be swept out of the way and made impossible.

this person must be swept out of the way and made impossible.

In other words killed.

Stalin, Mao Tse-tung and Pol Pot took this comment literally and proceeded to kill middle class owners of property once they have acquired power, and in the process killed absolutely millions of people.

MP John McDonnell has just said that beside the ballot box there is another way called insurrection, now we call it direct action, its when the government don’t do as you want, you get in the streets or you occupy and take direct action against them.

In other words he is a member of Parliament advocating violence and revolution. It is not the BNP we have to worry about it is the Marxist Labour Party.

This is what you get if you vote Marxist Labour, not necessarily millions killed but a revolution against the middle class, we saw this during the last Labour government. Their undisguised hatred against the middle class was there for all to see, ‘Toffs’ Prescott called them until they gave him a chance to be one, then he couldn’t get on the shovel fast enough.

I cannot believe that apart from the real left wing, the people of England want to vote for this ugliness, we do not need class war, dividing one against the other.

Vote for UKIP and keep out those who would divide us. Vote UKIP a party that truly represents us and will give us freedom.


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