Rochester and Strood

Cameron is trying to enlist everyone’s  help in keeping UKIP out of Rochester, what a truly pathetic man he is. Has he forgotten that we all have a vote, and it is up to us how we use it. If we want to kick someone out of office it is the tool we use.

How typical that this undemocratic man is ready to deny us our democratic right to kick him out. If he wasn’t such a deceitful person he wouldn’t be where he is today; a true Machiavellian.

Vote for UKIP’s Mark Reckless, it is time that the Tories and their devious Prime Minister were put in their place.

Cameron seems overly concerned about Christian white faces, fruitcakes and loonies, so Rochester and Strood do us all a favour and come out on election day and show Cameron that there are many people who do care about whether there are a ‘sea of white Christian faces’ as opposed to Muslim.


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