Another cast iron vote!

The EAW is God’s gift to a unelected, authoritarian and totalitarian EU. It means that we will have given this regime the right to arrest and extradite our citizens. Despite this our MPs for the most part, are in accordance with this, telling us that this is essential to bring criminals to book.

This is total rubbish, we can do that anyway even if it does take a bit longer, there is no real reason to give away the liberty of England and its people to a bunch of countries, who apart from a few, wouldn’t know liberty and a quality of justice if it hit them between the eyes.

Cameron and his MPs have much to answer for, and let us not forget Marxist Labour and the foolish Liberals who are just as eager to give away our freedom to these unfriendly and disagreeable  people, who are simply not our friends.

This is another reason to vote for UKIP we cannot trust Cameron, when he talks about giving us the vote he is nothing more than a liar. He promised a vote to his MPs and reneged on it, it is what he does; Merkel’s poodle always  does what he is told.

Hundreds of year of free press, hundreds of years on a Charta designed to protect the people from regimes like the EU, dispensed with by Cameron with hardly a glance backward. Nowadays you need a degree in treachery to enable a seat in the House of Commons, you have to go to the everyday person to find someone with a pride in their country and imbued with a sense of freedom.

The establishment are more concerned with protecting their own, even if they are paedophiles, forget the serfs. The condition of bondage has gone, now we have the internet and our ability to hold these people to account.

Vote UKIP if you love you country; especially freedom, don’t’ let them give it away to our historical enemies; it is ours.


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