Too many white Christian faces!

Cameron, arbiter for Asian immigrants pursues votes by saying ‘there are too many white Christian faces’ this is nothing more than a total insult to the white Christian English community, forget those who might say I am not a Christian because they all enjoy being brought up where Christian ethics are the norm.

This man has already insulted us by bringing in revolting gay marriages against the will of the people. In my opinion Cameron is not a fit person to be Prime Minister, perhaps he could seek a political life in India, Pakistan or Afghanistan. How many white Christian people are there in their governments, I am prepared to bet none.

This is further confirmation that come what may, this Christian will not vote Tory again. Despite a lifetime of hard work and many years in the Special Forces I now find that voting for Tories is and was a mistake; now I am prepared to vote for the hard right and will do so.

Look at what we have today, Cameron a PR man who cares only for himself; perfidy is his watchword. Clegg an overgrown schoolboy, who stamps his feet when he cannot get his own way, added to which he is a typical Liberal fool. Milliband a Marxist a perfect ideal which has no roots in the soil of reality, coupled with which, he has absolutely no idea as to what the world is about.

It is because of these people that we in this country are being slowly but surly wiped out. These three people treat every one like serfs, but the day has gone where bondage was the order of the day and we are not here to perform labour for our customary rights.

This is our country and if Cameron is sick of white Christian faces he should bugger off, this swear word (which I never use in my blogs) does in fact seem appropriate.

I appeal to all white Christian faces to cast a vote for UKIP. Every day you can see that Cameron has come out, and shows us that he cares not a jot for the indigenous population. It is either that or a continuation of Cameron or SNP pulling the strings of Milliband. Personally I have had enough of socialist MPs coming down from Scotland and the damage they have done.


Vote UKIP they are the only people who truly represent us.



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