Cameron, Milliband and other issues

Milliband attacks Cameron in the Daily politics over Europe, and for once he is right. Cameron walks a tightrope, he wants to stay in so comes up with renegotiation, which we all know is  total nonsense, nevertheless he expects the voters to believe him and back him in his so called referendum in 2017. This man is in denial and should be put out to grass.

The voters want an end to this foolishness and the largesse that is part of this coalition. We want a referendum now, everyone has a vote except the English people.

The SNP and UKIP will put the Tory and Labour out to grass at the next election. Voters in England will need to come out in their droves at this  election otherwise we will end up with the SNP and Marxist Labour. That will give us a  socialist government and the Scots haranguing and berating the English because they want more and more and more.

Voters must vote UKIP, it is the only way that England future can be secure.

Hundreds of Libyans invited to the UK for training are expected to behave in a civilised way, but of course they didn’t, what a surprise. Now they are to send them back but wait! would you believe some want asylum and will probably get it. This could only happen in this country, if you want to train them why here? why not back home. Is there anyone with an ounce of common sense left in government.

The Romanian on the receiving end of Milliband’s hand-out lives with her Aunt who receives 550 pounds per week!! the mind boggles, when we think so many of the indigenous population struggling to stay alive and we this lot getting 550 pounds per week, it is insulting to say the very least. Clegg and Milliband’s Marxist government have form in giving our taxpayers money to those who do not deserve it. Are we surprised that UKIP is moving forward and up, despite the conspiracy  in government and the media to denigrate them.

Vote UKIP to put a halt to this intelligentsia led idiocy, the political vanguard should be based on UKIP and their common-sense approach , an approach in full accordance with the people of England.

Stop spitting on the English and giving their hard won money to anyone who stick their hands out. If Clegg is intent on giving our money away he should start by handing some of his millions, but don’t hold your breath.

Sort out our manic immigration policy let us see an end to giving benefits etc. until they have paid their taxes for 5 years; no housing or medical health either. What is the point in asking the indigenous population to work hard only for them to see others being  given their money, people who have never done a days work or contributed to this society.

Those who have been on the receiving end of Taxpayers money and are now in work should pay back the full amount on a monthly basis. We have no trouble making English students pay back the money they receive for education, despite the fact that it put them in an totally invidious position, so why not immigrants. The truth is that they are not English, so that exempts them.

Even worse is the fact that there are far too many who live here, take our money then plan to attack us. Why do we allow it?

Like most UKIP members I am totally sick of what goes on in this country and the high handed approach by politicians. We, especially UKIP will have to get past the establishment, i.e. the two main parties who have prevented others from having their say for far too long; it has to end.



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