Merkel and her poodles.

Senior officials state that Angela Merkel would much prefer to see us leave the EU, rather than give way on free movement. This UKIP member would rather freeze in hell than come under the thumb of Germany and would support anything, rather than let it happen.

A Downing street spokesman said that ‘the Prime Minister will do what is right for Britain’ what total rubbish Cameron will do what is right for Merkel, he will have to because she told him so.

There will not be a successful renegotiation and every one of us knows that is clearly the case. Cameron has already signed up to the European Arrest Warrant (EAW) Guilty until proven innocent; and this is  a British Prime Minister! This action alone tells you that he is not fit to call himself British; let alone a PM of the British Isles.

Chapter 39 of the charter states the following;

No free man shall be taken or imprisoned, or disposed or outlawed or in any way ruined, nor will we go on and send against him except by the lawful judgement of his peers or by the law of the land.

This should be stamped on the forehead of every politician who seeks office.

It was said that this charter was sacrosanct but how were they to envisage that hundreds of years ahead Prime Minister Cameron would strike a fatal blow, and the Charter which has always been a beacon of liberty in this country would be tossed aside by an Englishman at the behest of a foreign and unelected power.

Those who support the EAW, along with Cameron should hang their heads in shame, however, the political elite, the privileged few are more concerned with their own well being and future, which is why this country has become a home for those who seek all, without ever having to pay for it and in some cases, seek to destroy what we have.

Thursday will see another UKIP MP and that will mean that we have at least two MPs in the house of Parliament who can lift their heads up high and say, we believe in Chapter 39 of the Magna Carta and freedom for all in England.

A  young boy of 15 years old was attacked by a thug using a aerosol can and cigarette lighter, he sprayed him with blazing fumes then walked off. I simply do not believe this was done by a black person, it is not the sort of thing they would do, added to which black people have not only integrated, they are British and above all are a welcome addition to this country. This action is part of the pure evil we have imported in this country.

Vote UKIP Thursday, it is time to make a stand. We need an immediate referendum to determine the fate of this country. We need to bring back freedom and stop the largesse, the taxpayer is fed up of handing out money to all and sundry.


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