Democracy and the The Mail on Sunday

The ‘Special investigation’ from Ian Birrel in today’s Mail on Sunday is nothing more than a disgusting attempt to denigrate Nigel Farage and as far as I am concerned it lacks credibility. We have all seen what tabloid journalist are like when it comes to so called news and integrity.

The Mail continually preaches democracy as long as it serves it’s purpose. far more people support UKIP than some of the main parties but it doesn’t suit the tabloids. The people who vote for UKIP don’t count when it comes down to a vote, so the tabloids, as did Ian Birrel, see fit to tar every one with racism and so on, it is a case of make enough noise, and something might stick to Farage and others.

UKIP is right, we did not send our representatives there for them to strengthen the EU, we leave that to the Merkel’s pathetic poodles in the establishment and the not quite so democratic tabloid newspapers.

So stop conjuring up nasty little stories in order to sway the election of Mark Reckless, because that Mr Birrel is exactly what you have done today.

To anyone reading this blog, I say this, do not be swayed by the endless lies and deceit, that we are now getting on a daily basis, the establishment and its supporters in the Tabloids are actually frightened by the support that UKIP has.

Ask yourself this, why are they all running around like headless chickens, what are they frightened of. My answer to that is TRUE DEMOCRACY.

So vote for UKIP now and in the future. If we want a party that represent our interests, then vote to make UKIP the Kingmaker; why not even Prime Minister! he would certainly make a far, far better PM than that educated, but unbelievably naïve and  foolish Clegg and certainly that Marxist Milliband who doesn’t know the wood for the trees.

As for Scotland they have sent us nasty little socialists for far to many years, now they are looking at the SNP to act as kingmakers in our parliament; God forbid.

VOTE UKIP for a better future and English sovereignty.


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