Cameron’s now you see me now you don’t.

As of Nov 1st we will see massive amount of laws automatically transferred to the New Reich. Areas which include Foreign aid, Justice, criminal law. defence, free movement and in addition to this, there will be a change in voting from the ‘weighting’ to a Qualified Majority system.

55% must be in favour of any legislation and 65% of the EU represented by any group of countries; this a ‘double Majority’. Four member states may object but under the new rules they must represent 65% of the EU. So if we object and any country who may be with us, we will need to make up the 65% otherwise we can be overridden. How many countries tend to support us in anything we do, close to none, so there we have it; that has put Britain in it’s place.

The EU arrest warrant too will inevitably  take the place of our just and ancient law. Innocent until proven guilty will be replaced by Guilty until proven innocent, even though you may not have committed a recognised crime in Britain!!

So much for democratic Cameron and the poodles who follow him. Let us get this clear, Cameron’s  job is not to represent the people of England but to represent the New Reich; ostensibly run by the EU but controlled by Germany.

It is a country, which does not know how to lie down, it simply has to be in charge of all and sundry. They tried it twice before and lost and now they are at it again, aided by those in parliament who have the sheer audacity to call themselves British MPs!

Our real enemy is the establishment in this country who represent themselves and treat the British voters as complete fools. When the time comes they will have the money to get out, whilst we will be stuck with it; at that stage violence will inevitably follow.

It is why we must vote UKIP if we don’t we will suddenly find ourselves in total and absolute thrall to Germany, at which point they will do whatever they want with us, and believe me they will; we have no friends there. They will turn us into a backwater and the English will be no more, the endless flow of immigrants will see to that. Object and the EAW will put each and every one of us in our place.

Vote UKIP and retain our sovereignty, stand up, whatever your political view and support an England for your children;

 Remember it is our country and there are millions who fought and died to keep it that way.


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