Sneering upper class leaders

It is hard to say who is the most arrogant of our so called leaders;

Clegg, supercilious, condescending, a hypocrite and completely untrustworthy. Why on earth did he name his children Miguel, Antonio and Alberto, his heart is clearly not here in England.

Red Ed son of a Marxist professor, Ed a man who has never held a job in his life is doing his best to saddle us with revolutionary unions and a Marxist government. Will some one tell him that Marxism was rejected by Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Rumania, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Albania and above all the USSR; so why does he want to visit Marxism upon us.

New Labour and now Marxist Labour gave us wars, dead and maimed soldiers, multiculturalism, another evil but effective tool designed to hasten the loss of our identity, the Christian faith continually undermined. Uncontrolled mass migration planned by the establishment, over two million people breaking down our social order, Muslim radicals deliberately ignored and Muslims encouraged to go their own way.

Their votes are based the unions, left wing radicals, migrants and the usual left wing students, whilst those who once saw labour as a fair and just party have now ended up with a highly educated but a sneering politician who wouldn’t know what a working class labour voter looked like.

Remember that with Marxism, The end justifies the means and if that means destroying the social order then so be it; remember that.

Then there is Cameron, like Blair he is known for what he is, and that is completely untrustworthy. He is highly educated, certainly privileged, many including myself, would not hold that against him, but I cannot stand him because he has the temerity to call himself a man who loves his country  whilst  meticulously ensuring that he does everything to keep us under the thrall of Merkel and the new Reich. If he truly loved his country then he would not give it away to our former enemy; an enemy who unfortunately, does not know when to lie down.

Cameron is treading on dangerous ground, he and others like him are setting the seed for future disorder; our country is not for sale, not to the EU or the Islamist state.

I would not believe Cameron if I was standing wet in the rain and he told me it was raining.

Vote UKIP and you will get UKIP, Vote Tory and you will get Marxist Ed and the unions..



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