UKIP Victory

John Carswell quoted the author John Wycliffe theologian but I wished he had put it in context, This comes from the earliest translation of the Bible, which is where it first came from.

 “This Bible is for the government of the people, for the people and by the people.”

Cameron, his cronies, Clegg and Milliband should take note, the people are totally fed up of the intelligentsia and their ideas as what should be and shouldn’t be. The people in  England are sick and tired of being taken for a ride by our politicians, particularly the New Reich and the rest of the world who feel they can come here and fleece us for all we are worth.

The indigenous population are beginning to realise that it is time to give UKIP a real chance. This election has told the voters that contrary to what Grant Schapps is continually saying  if you vote Tory you actually let in Milliband!

The Guardian and it’s pathetic little piece on HIV is typical of what is wrong in this country, we are not here to medicate the world. murderers, rapists, paedophile and those with health problems should be kept out. When I went to Australia in 1972 for 4 years, the first thing I had to do was take out health insurance. In France which is where I spent 8 years again I took out insurance and that is the way it should be. For too long we have allowed our self to be governed by the minority who spend all of their time bleating about how awful we are in England.

More MPs, if they are worth their salt should come over to UKIP. My message to the Tory party is referendum now or face oblivion.

Vote UKIP and give them a clear balance of power in 2015.


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