Cameron the divider

It is too late, Cameron’s own brand of conservatism has divided the Tory party and it’s voters in a way that cannot be reconciled in another one of Cameron’s archetypal  speeches.

A large part of the problem is the totally ineffectual Tory MPs who simply do not have the guts to do what is right for the country i.e. put in a leader who represents the voters wishes.

Milliband will get in and wreak havoc, because the voters realise that Cameron is totally untrustworthy and will go his own way. Marxist Labour are supported by immigrants, the work shy, BBC and the unions whose main aim in life is to destroy England. Thatcher knew that and took the unions on, but now the phoenix has risen again. The unions are violent and if they get in via Marxist Milliband there will almost certainly be a violent clash

Silly gimmicks like vote UKIP and end up in bed with Milliband illustrate that Tory MPs really do have their heads in the sand. Do they really think that the voters are that stupid and can be bought off with idiotic comments. Farage’s fruitcakes are, on the whole normal people capable of understanding what is going on. Someone at the top ought to tell the real fruitcakes, that a lack of a good education does not mean a lack of intelligence.

More Tories should go, we still have time for a leader we can trust and a referendum. If they want to run the country then do it right.

However, the Tories are foolish enough to pursue this course and will, in the end rue the day. It is up to the indigenous population to vote for UKIP and maintain the balance of power. We need an English Parliament and freedom, no one in England is prepared anymore for Socialist Scottish MPs running around in parliament and causing mayhem for England;  so get them out.

Vote for UKIP whichever way it goes you may end up with another educated buffoon leading the Tory party.



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