Lied and lied and lied again

Are we supposed to feel sorry for these senior conservatives because Farage pulled a fast one on them, as for Mark Reckless, he like Douglas has put his money where his mouth is. What I cannot stand is those in the party who disagree with Cameron but keeping their powder dry.

Daniel Hannan is a case in question, I have listened to him speak and ask myself, what on earth is he doing in the Tory party. If he does not agree with their views on immigration and particularly the EU, then he should get out and work towards getting us out of the New Reich. Its not a Tory/UKIP deal that’s required, it is doing what is right for the country.

Michael Gove too, he should go over to UKIP after being served up as a lamb by Cameron to the teachers union. What sort of Prime Minister gets rid of one of his best ministers at the behest of a union whose main claim to fame is taking our children to the bottom of the ladder internationally.

Finally William Hague, here we have a real turncoat, a man who tossed his principles aside when the time came and now he going to come up with a Tory piecemeal with regard to England. We need an English Parliament with an English flag flying over it.

Let us get to the lies, Grant Shapps made a great deal of Mark Reckless and his lies. Personally I believe  he took his cue form the Prime Minister, have we forgotten that he lied repeatedly to the people to get into power. He is lying right now when he talks about a referendum after renegotiation. We all know that his negotiations will be so pathetic that Merkel will give them to him, with hardly a glance backwards and we will be firmly in the grip of an unelected regime across the water. Cameron will do anything to circumvent that referendum, forget his I am a patriot and love my country believe that and you will believe anything.

Cameron has already made this great country look a fool on the international stage, cutting our once great navy, air force and soldiers down to a point where we would haver a hard time defending ourselves. No aircraft carriers, allowing us to go out and meet an enemy, and they are out there. the RAF flying on a wing and a prayer and Cameron putting out on the dole, some the worlds most professional soldiers and replacing them with week-end soldiers.

The GR4 fighter bombers too are a pathetic response to a cry for help from a country we helped to devastate. The fighters have to fly from Cyprus and be refuelled because we lack carriers and aircraft, what if we lost that facility then Italy perhaps or Spain.

Vote UKIP and get UKIP


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