The truth about Cameron

Mark Reckless an ex conservative member, during a meeting of the 1922 committee, asked Cameron why it was that they had sent out millions of European election leaflets saying we had brought back control of justice and home affairs from the EU and now we were opting back into every measure that mattered?  Cameron then defended the European Arrest Warrant in passionate terms!

So there you have it Mr Democratic does not believe in Habeas Corpus, an act that was passed by English Parliament in 1679 to protect the people,  laying down procedures for the use of the writ, set penalties for officials ignoring the act and closed certain loopholes in the use of habeas corpus. The Habeas Corpus Act covered only criminal charges.

  It guaranteed that a person detained by the authorities would have to be brought before a court of law and produce the reason for his detention so that the legality of the detention could be established. Innocent until proven guilty.

The “Napoleonic Code,” which continues in France and other countries France, maintain protections of a suspect and ensure a fair trail but use a presumption of guilt until proven innocent, however,

it allows people under investigation to be held for lengthy periods before a charge is ever filed.

Also, the investigator and the magistrate are the same person. So it is the investigator who is deciding to hold the person i.e. there is no bail hearing before a judge like in English common law. There is also no right to silence. You can refuse to answer but the court is allowed to draw adverse conclusions from refusing to answer.

Cameron is an out and out Europhile to the extent, where he is prepared to ditch an act that has kept us safe for nearly 350 years. Cameron also said that if we got back the powers we wanted as a nation then Britain would be like an associate member, so Cameron is not serious about renegotiation, typical PR man, now you see it, now you don’t.

Despite Cameron’s promises (nearly all of them meaningless) you will still find the Scot’s MPs and the welsh voting on English laws etc. The Scots in particular have shown us that they are there for the pounds shillings and pence. So any measure passed where they vote in an unconstitutional manner should be ignored. Every English MP should ensure that this the case.

Cameron on Andrew Marr this morning lacked credibility, he knows that he can do nothing about the disgusting immigration of thousands of poor East Europeans flooding to our doors, and is helpless in the face of the real problem and that is Sharia law, and the contempt of our system by violent radicals living of us but doing their best to bring us down one way or the other.

Civil disorder is inevitable in this country now, and it will all be down to gutless politicians who don’t have what it takes to do what is right; protect England and its people.

I despair at the English MPs who are allowing this to happen on their doorstep. They are not going to change Cameron’s high handed approach overseen by Merkel and the EU, so they should go to UKIP and start representing the people, isn’t that what they are there for?


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