Cameron’s England for scroungers

10 million is claimed  in unemployment benefits to European migrants who have left Britain and cannot find a job, what on earth are we doing in this monstrous EU.

First time buyers are to be offered 20% discount on new homes, is this for the indigenous English, if not then just watch how this will be skewed so that foreigners can get in on the act and make a quick buck; watch this space.

Cameron’s call to tackle ‘psychopathic terrorists’ is nothing more than scaremongering. He is like Blair, dying to go to war to bolster his esteem and considering how he has degraded our forces (and is still doing so ) you think he would shut up. The US is  doing the job quite well with its so called allies but you still wonder why they are putting in the effort.

Take Egypt alone it has the largest and most powerful force in Africa. 500,000 active troops, 800,000 in reserve and 400,000 para-military, a superb Egyptian air defence, navy and command centre.

Saudi army has 150,000 active troops, the RSAF has  many aircraft and an advanced offensive capability. Saudi navy has 50,000 officers and men plus 12,000 marines. The Saudi Arabian National Guard is composed of 100,000 men with a tribal militia of 25,000 men. it also has a Strategic missile ability.

If you now take into account Jordan, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates you would be looking at a force that would frighten the western world so what are we doing? These people are more than capable of dealing with the IS and it is about time that they put their own house in order.

Saudi is the birthplace of Islam and until now the absolute authority on Wahhabism, they are also the founders of ISIS but ISIS seek to take the reins and are now a threat to the Saudis. So the time has come for them to fight their own battles, they will either fight or run, however, I suspect they will fight because the modern Saudi will not want to be under the mantle of ISIS; let us leave it to them.

Nicky Morgan endorses a controversial sex education resource for school. Why is she going along with these voyeurs, these busybodies are an absolute menace. Getting it off by teaching what should be the unmentionables to small children, should be put in the dustbin. What is it about Cameron’s government and their obsession with unwholesome side of sex. Stop teaching vulgar and obscene lessons to the young. Parents should put paid to this and now.

Next stop the asylum seekers is the Grand Burstin in Folkestone, come in, we will pay the £40 a night, 3 meals a day and before long you will have a home and endless benefits. Don’t forget to email your friends at Calais, Eritrea or wherever they are, tell them that these English are absolute fools, get over here quick.

UKIP is the only party that will stop this madness, if you think that Cameron will, then you have another think coming. Five years after he took power he is now thinking about the Human Rights act and will look at it during the next election. Five years time (if he is in power) he will talk about immigration, however, we will be so smothered by then with immigrants it will no longer matter.

Our country is being ripped apart whilst Cameron makes his speeches and Red Ed jumps on the next shovel designated by the Unions.

If you love your country then it is time to make the right decision and vote UKIP, why, well it is because Farage speaks the truth as we all know it, and isn’t it about time that we gave UKIP a chance. What we have now is charlatans, imposters and swindlers.

Vote UKIP and make them the powerhouse.


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