Frightened Cameron

Weeks of sitting on the side-lines, or should I say beach, ignoring pleas for help and now on the first day of the UKIP conference, he recalls parliament. Such a pathetic little man, if he represented the people of England he wouldn’t have to come up with these measly schemes to take the limelight away from UKIP.

It makes me and others more determined than ever to get this man out of power; and UKIP will do just that.

Red Ed and his party move forward with their archetypal middle class war, soak the rich and punish those who work hard. The mansion tax where only 0.3 per cent in Scotland  would pay the levy, the Scottish government would get 10 per cent of the proceeds. I had hoped that the yes vote would win, however, we still have them and like true socialists their hands are perpetually out.

The Marxist labour party controlled by the unions will bring more than discord if they win the next election, they are very dangerous people.

An 88 year old woman falls and is knocked unconscious yet she is ignored by a Dr Uwagboe because he is not trained in first aid! Have I lost something here, he trained at the Royal College of Physicians and the Royal College of Surgeons, qualifying in 1989 yet he ignores a woman who needed his help, why, because is not trained in first aid! What on earth has gone wrong in this country. We need a strong right wing government to bring some sense into this government where they have completely lost their way.

Brussels are at it again, outdoor equipment now facing stringent emissions tests, why are we allowing this unelected regime across the water to dictate to us; Germany is never happy unless it dominates.

Cameron’s foolish approach to our military is coming home to roost because as stated by the former head of the RAF our air force has been reduced to bare bones. Cameron has also compromised our navy, we have a carrier with no aircraft thanks to this government.  Our Prime Minister, who would rather spend absolutely Billions of our money on overseas aid, propping up governments and giving aid to those who simply do not need it, rather than equip our navy with Crowsnest and aircraft.

Crowsnest has been brought forward, but we should never have been is this situation. A gap of four to five years in our operational defence is a scandal. Still our aid has helped India pursue its vision in space; pity about the desperately poor Indians in the ghettos.

Anjem Choudary carries on with his incendiary speeches secure in the knowledge that the government will do nothing. Now the police are protecting him from right wing groups, poor lad how can he plan to attack us if he is pursued by right wing groups. These groups will get bigger and bigger because this government and particularly the last have failed totally in protecting the people of this country.

We have allowed the fifth army to get stronger and stronger and now we have to deal with it. Sharia Law is becoming more and more prevalent in England, there is one law and we should make that clear; if they don’t like it deport them.

Vote for UKIP if you love England; freedom.


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