Hilary Mantel and daily politics

What is it about the left and their primitive hatred of the English. This past week has seen the uglier side of Scotland, they too are to the left and that has much to do with their problems. Anything to do with the Labour party and it’s masters in the unions produces this truly ugly side. Have you noticed that is never the actual right that promotes violence, it is the left.

Hilary Mantel’s attack on Margaret Thatcher may come back to haunt her, I personally abhor violence in a democratic society but I can see how people would react if their voices were not heard, however, Margaret Thatcher, despite some limitation took this country from being the sick man of Europe (once again thanks to the Labour party and our unions) and made it whole again.

Watch out  Hilary there may be a person who will take it personally that you disparaged the second greatest Prime Minister this country has had; in future I suggest that you should be careful when you walk in the garden! What a truly nasty and pathetic person you really are.

Cameron may be first saying he wanted English votes for English laws, however, he is playing politics with our future. He has not stolen a march on Nigel Farage as Farage actually believes in England and our need to be free.

Cameron has shown yet again his total lack of judgement during this Scottish debate and how easily he is led by anyone who shouts loud enough. Brown shouted and Cameron was first to jump on the shovel.

Whatever happens Scottish and Welsh MP should no longer vote on English Laws and that should take place immediately, no more procrastination.

I watched Reed Ed on the Andrew Marr show, he was without doubt the most insincere and devious politician yet, and that is saying something.

No more Scottish MPs voting on English laws Ed, end of story.

We are all sick and tired of Scottish left wing politicians

If we want real change and full representation then we need UKIP and an English Parliament. Turncoat Hague should bow out now and forget piecemeal politics.

Another left wing equalities spokesman Gloria De Piero (God forbid another Harriet) is back into the class war, dividing one part of society from another, just look at the Labour legacy in Scotland. She doesn’t like the middle class and private school- educated people. So who does she like, is it the low class and those who depend on the middle class to help them buy their tablets and spend most of their dole money on tattoos and living of benefits etc. Who is she? middle class, upper class or just another nasty Labourite telling us what nasty people the English are.

There is no need to send in Special forces to combat ISIS, let the Arab League put its own men on the ground and we can back them from the air; it is about time they sorted out their own mess.

The Imams who are now calling for the release of hostages are behind the eight-ball. Did you notice them on TV, did they look like their were integrating. No, they are who they are and have no intention of becoming part of our society and that is the real problem, and it is not going to go away.

They are queuing up at Calais to invade England, the land of plenty for everyone except the English. It is about time that we stopped looking after other countries poor. Only UKIP can do what is necessary.

If you love England then join UKIP and vote for them


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