Cameron’s biggest Faux pas

‘But for the skin of my teeth’ Cameron nearly presided over the break up of the Union. Outgunned by the scheming Salmond in every way shape and form, when it came deciding how and when the referendum took place. Cameron then sat back waiting for a no result but it wasn’t going to be that easy.

Agh a YouGov poll took place that said Salmond was on his way to a yes victory! quick let’s get the three main leader up to Scotland and give them what they want. The last, and disgraced ex Prime Minister Brown can and  will make the rules and we can confirm it and to hell with what England has to say. What an unholy mess and Cameron is our Prime Minister, God forbid.

In the Mail on Sunday Cameron has attempted to put a gloss on what has gone on and typically has tried to come up with, I knew what I was doing, however, we all know the truth of it. The devo-max option will inevitably transfer almost all of the most significant powers to Scotland not forgetting The iniquitous Barnet formula.

Forget Brown, who had no right to maintain the Barnet formula, the equally discredited politicians who confirmed this, had no right either in going along with Brown’s rosy vision of the future.

Now we need an English Parliament, headed by a strong right wing government and that government should be UKIP. Enough is enough we cannot accept these three leaders doing whatever they want and treating the English electorate with complete indifference and total contempt.

Scottish MPs are out, and from now on in they should be treated with contempt. No more voting on issues that have nothing to do with them, the West Lothian question must be dealt with right here and now. Brown’s ‘United States of Britain’ is here to stay and England will be the power house.

Scotland having control over their own domestic policy is one thing but if these grubby politicians think that England is going to be excluded they have another think coming. Scotland and welsh MPs should no longer vote on English issues and that is that. What we actually need is an English parliament, not something cobbled up by Hague and others.

This debacle has shown us that relying on Cameron and his so called referendum for the EU in 2017 is a complete disaster in the making,

Cameron has no intention of allowing us a fair vote

He cannot be trusted and will find some way of stacking the odds against us by reducing his negotiations down to something acceptable to Merkel.

Don’t trust him

It is time to change the politics in the UK, remember that all three leaders are in thrall to Merkel so if you want freedom then you must vote for UKIP. Nigel Farage is the only politician who fully represents us; isn’t that what we want? someone who is on our side.

The EU is clearly not on our side, they have given us murderers, rapists and paedophiles on our streets and numerous immigrants. Now The European Arrest Warrant is coming our way,  you are guilty until you can prove your innocent.

 Soon Innocent until proven guilty will be a thing of the past, because Cameron is signing up to the EAW. Does that sound like a democratic Prime Minister, no it doesn’t, it sounds like a man who has already made his mind up; I’m in Merkel and I will bring these idiots with me.

Vote UKIP and join now.




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