Total and utter ineptitude

In the Daily Mail today on page 9 you will see three people side by side who, following Gordon Browns rash promises are attempting to bribe the people of Scotland. They, without recourse to the English people are intent on changing our constitution. None of them have any authority to offer any bribes to anyone, so why do they do it. They should be brought to account and now.

We have seen Red Ed doing shady deals behind closed doors to shackle the press, so he has history. Now we have Cameron and Clegg doing the same thing with our constitution. It is bad enough to have Brown in his arrogance making the running but to have elected leaders racing to toe his line is beyond belief and above all crooked.

We have got to this stage because once again we are subject to Cameron’s bad judgement, Salmond has run rings around him and is continuing to do so. He know that if they vote yes Cameron will collapse and will do anything to avoid antagonising the Scots.

These three leaders are nothing more than useless, not one of them has ever had a proper job, neither has any gravitas and I wouldn’t employ them in sweeping the streets. They may be very well educated, but lack any common-sense. I am sure that there are so many people out without this type of education that could leave them standing. Lack of a good education does not mean lack of intelligence.

I have never been so sick of politicians and as far as I am concerned they are nothing more than traitors to their country. This high handed approach employed by all of them is more than annoying. They are not there to ignore the people they are supposed to be there to represent us, but never do, they represent Germany and the EU.

Cameron is kept in office by his  cronies and we should make sure that he and all his cronies are kicked via the next election. Labour voters too should desert the labour party, they should ask themselves what has the Labour party actually done for them. They have deliberately set out to adulterate the English population and encourage the Muslim society in every way to the detriment of the English;  so much so that Islam will vote for them at the next election despite the ethnicity of its leader.

If Scotland votes yes it will impact on England in every way possible and who started it? the Labour party of course under Blair, who was determined to break down our institutions, and now we are left with the results, just like the Iraq war Blair he will end up saying ‘it wasn’t me gov’

But we have  UKIP and a leader who has the gravitas and is a conviction politician. We should now be looking at Nigel Farage as our next leader, it can be done; Labour and Tory voters should vote for UKIP, Scottish MPs in or out should be ignored.

The English voter are able to do this, let us have a man who demonstrably speaks the truth and is not afraid of doing so.

If you love your country vote UKIP and get these charlatans out of our English parliament and that includes the New Reich too.


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