Stop Snivelling Cameron

Cameron your heartfelt pleas to Scotland is demeaning to us all, if the Scots want to break up Great Britain, then let them go. They are concerned with one thing and that is self,  if that means spitting on England and destroying Great Britain then there is nothing we can do about it.

If they vote yes, then we should not forgive them and England should make them pay the price; give them nothing but grief.

 Cameron, Clegg and Red Ed signed up to a commitment to maintain the Barnet formula, stating also that they were committed to a series of guarantees by Brown the last disastrous Labour MP. Who the hell are these people, what makes them think they can continually trample on the people of England without anyone having so much a say so.

I am sick of English MPs who have forgotten what they are there for, and that is to represent the people of England. UKIP will continue to increase it’s lead over the main parties, it is the only party to fully represent the people. Parliamentary treachery does not go down well with the English population, so do your job or get out; before UKIP puts you out.

Whatever happens we should make sure that Red Ed’s Marxist party will not be able to beat us over the head with Scottish MPs, they should not have any say over English legislation. Soon we will also get rid of Germany and the New Reich under the auspices of the EU regime across the water.

Freedom must be foremost in every English man and woman’s head. Take a look at the way we are treated by our own political leadership let alone the EU. We must regain our sovereignty, to do  that Cameron must go and UKIP must prosper.

I would like to see a mass rally by the English that will fill up the whole of Westminster and to hell with Blair’s panic measure to ban people. We could get 10,000 people from the countryside alone.

If you love England Vote UKIP. The Scots aren’t the only people who love their country.

Look at this. no wonder they don’t want him in Parliament. A real English Prime Minister in waiting.





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