Scotland , the tide has turned

At seventeen and a half I joined the Parachute Regiment;  after training I was posted to the 2nd Battalion the Parachute Regiment. Why am I saying this? it is because the 2nd Battalion was virtually Scottish from the top down. I and others like me were a small part of the unit, however, it was enjoyable in every way and many friends were made.

During training my Scottish friends had me learn to play the Sash on my mouth organ (the sash my father wore) so as I could irritate others who did not support Rangers FC or celebrate the King William  3rd victory; I learned other tunes too. At that stage I had no idea as to what ire that would bring and played it with merry gusto when asked. Now I wonder what Alexander Webster, one of my friends at the time would think of this anti- English tirade. Does he hate the English so much? I hope not.

The tide has turned, and this tirade and invective against the English will come back on Scotland. The SNP has produced a bitterness against the Scots where there was non, now you see fit to spit on your friends;  it tells us all we want to know and proves Scotland is nothing more than a fair weather friend.

Telling us that you vote Labour and end up with the Tories, that’s what democracy is all about. As I said earlier we have had to put up with far too many left wing Scottish MPs, and we didn’t want them either. For goodness sake what has Labour done for Scotland, every time they get into power we all end up broke.

Tony Blair a labour leader did a deal with Sinn Fein Gerry Adams and released Irish terrorists, and comfort letters went out telling terrorist that they were not wanted. This whilst The Parachute Regiment was literally hounded, despite the fact that the first shot was not fired by them. That’s the Labour party.

Blair took us into a war where endless British soldiers were killed and many wounded and over a hundred thousand Iraq people died. That’s the Labour party.

Brown was a total disaster and carried on the Labour party’s desire to rub the nose of English people by deliberately setting out to adulterate the English. That’s the Labour party.

Brown now talks about a ‘United States of Britain’ who is he to raise his head and start telling us that we change the constitution. That’s the Labour party.

During this parliament the Labour party took us down into gutter with their total and utter stupidity. That’s the Labour party.

Now the Scots tell us they are annoyed about the Tory party having voted for Labour, please, give it away, I don’t vote for the Tory party either I vote for UKIP.

If you want to be better off then don’t vote for the now Marxist Labour party, vote UKIP. Why vote for a party who have been so disingenuous over so many decades;

 I mean, what have the Labour party done for Scotland. 



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