The ugly side of Scotland

I said yesterday that Scotland, for whatever reason has a chip on it’s shoulder. The Anti English sentiment coming out of Scotland is totally undeserved. Name me a Scottish person who has suffered such ignominy in England, it would very hard to find one.

Salmond’s anti-english sentiment is pure prejudice, exploiting  fear or hatred against the English. This is tantamount to the Irish Sinn Fein who ended up murdering those who didn’t follow their creed. When the Irish were down in the dumps, who lent them money, the UK of course.

Are the Irish truly independent? no they are not; they are nothing more than a mere province of the  EU. Salmond wants to join the EU and that would leave Scotland in exactly the same place.

Salmond has done Scotland a great disservice, he has awakened violence and ugliness where there was none; certainly not from England. Scotland may votes yes, but the damage has been done. As far as I am concerned, and I am sure many others, Scotland can go to the dogs and take your nasty, and ugly Scottish Labour MPs with you.

A totally English Parliament and Freedom from the New Reich.

If you love England then Vote UKIP he would make a damn site better Prime Minister, he is English, represents the people and would speak the truth, or would you rather be drowned in immigrants, ruled by the EU and the up and coming Sharia Law, tolerated by Labour.


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